New goo, blue goo, gooey, gooey

Missing the Charleston Aquarium, I made a blue raspberry jello “ocean” for some sensory play. We’ve already established through painful personal experience that cute photos of little kids busily and neatly engaged in sensory play, careful to keep the messy stuff in the appropriate bin are clearly staged and/or taken in the first 3 seconds of playing and that towels, plastic tarps, art aprons, and the like are in no way up to the task of containing my boys’ mess, we took this outside. Luckily we have a privacy-fenced backyard, since the boys end up pants-free with alarming frequency. IMG_0735[1]

John dove right in with the scoops, spoons, and sea animals, burying his scuba man and creating sea stories for the poor lost diver attacked by the giant squid. He was intrigued by the jello’s texture, squishing it in his hands, tossing it into the other tray to see if it bounced, and seeing how he could cut and smush it. He wanted to know why the jello was cool but not cold like ice and thicker than water and was interested to see how the jello “melted” when we cleaned up the melted jello water the next day.

Anthony was more reticent, clearly wanting to join in big bro’s fun but freaked out by the gooey texture. He would put out his blue hands, wailing “Hands! Hands!” until they were cleaned. He buried his sea captain using a clean spoon, careful not to get his hands messy.


Naturally, exploration lead to ingestion. John loved the goo, but Anthony ran screaming from John’s attempt to feed him a tasty spoonful.

IMG_0732[1] IMG_0737[1]


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Mom to two little supermen and one unborn superbaby beginning our home education adventure in a new house, in a new state, and with a new baby.
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